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Your choice of Mind Mapping application

Do you find Mindmanager expensive? Does it seem too complex? Don't like the fact that Mac version is outdated and does not compare to Windows version? Or are you just willing to try some alternatives?

This list of Mindjet Mindmanager alternatives is the result of my own quest for a substitute. It does not intend to be the most complete list on the internet, but I hope it will be a good starting point for you.

Also looking for text-based tools that may improve your thinking, brainstorming and writing processess? What do you know about Outlines and Markdown? Please consider visiting my blog OutlinerInfo.

News & Info

Two free documents recently released (March 2015) are worth reading by mind mapping lovers: the first one is the "Essential Guide to Mind Mapping Software" by Chuck Frey, editor of; it contains valuable information for both experienced and new mind mappers.
The other recomended reading is "A more effective way of working", by Jamie MacDonald from Mindgenius; it's a concise paper showing how to achieve higher levels of effectiveness with support of mind mapping software.

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: EasyMapper (Brazilian Portuguese)

Platforms: Windows
Pricing: US$40  (R$79)
Import Mindmanager files: No
Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Important: As of March, 25th, 2015, new sales of EasyMapper are on hold.

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: Freeplane

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Portable-USB (Java based)
Pricing: Free
Import Mindmanager files: No
Quote from site:
Freeplane is the Community Choice SourceForge project of the Month for June 2014 and the staff choice for July 2014.

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: iMindMap 9

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web
Pricing: US$100 (Home & Student), US$235 (Ultimate), US$310 (Ultimate Plus)
Import Mindmanager files: Yes

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: iMindQ 7

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Web 
Pricing: US$149 / US$99 (Windows / Mac desktop perpetual license), US$67 / US$45 (Windows / Mac desktop one year license). Educational and Business prices can be found at iMindQ website.
Import Mindmanager files: Yes
Comment: iMindQ replaced Dropmind and is also developed by Seavus®


Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: Inspiration

Platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS
Pricing: US$39.95 for download (online sales to US customers only); US$9.99 for iOS  
Import Mindmanager files: No

Also available is Kidspiration, the mind mapping program for kids.

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: Mind Mapper 16
Platforms: Windows, Android
Pricing: US$124.95, US$249.95
Import Mindmanager files: No
Trial version: Download from here

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: Mindgenius

Platforms: Windows, iOS
Pricing: US$235 (full, electronic download), US$188 (full, electronic download), US$91 (educational)
Import Mindmanager files: Yes

Quote from site:

MindGenius Perpetual Licensing 
In these tough economic times, MindGenius is committed to being a cost effective mind mapping software solution for businesses, individuals and those in education.
Our pricing model remains perpetual which means there are no costly monthly subscription fees.
Our list price is highly competitive, particularly given the amount of business focused functionality in MindGenius. For information on pricing visit our website.
MindGenius can also import other mind mapping files meaning you can easily use maps created in other tools* in MindGenius.
The 30 day free trial is fully functional and no credit card is required to access the download.
Download  a 30 day free trial now. 

Mindjet MindManager 16

Platforms: Windows, Mac (Version 10), Android, iOS, Web 
Pricing: US$349 (desktop perpetual license Windows & Mac), US$179 (upgrade from previous versions), US$129/year (annual subscription).

Quote from site: 
MindManager is mind mapping software that lets you capture, organize, plan & visually prioritize your ideas faster, smarter, and easier. Execute anything from website development to business plans with drag-and-drop ease

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: Mindmaple

Platforms: Windows, iOS
Pricing: Free, US$9.90/month
Import Mindmanager files: No

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: Mindmeister
Platforms: Web, iOS
Pricing: US$4.99/month, US$9.99/month, US$14.99/month
Import Mindmanager files: Yes

Quote from site: 

Probably known to most of our readers, MindjetTM is a provider of mind mapping desktop applications that has been around for many years and specialises in client software.
Recently the company has been moving into the online mapping space as well, and with this has switched its former pricing model to a new subscription based model, a move which has prompted many agitated responses.
Since the introduction of the new pricing model we’ve been receiving an exceptional amount of inquiries from MindJetTM‘s users looking for an alternative tool. Besides asking for pricing information, the users were interested in a functional comparison of the two products. We’ve therefore created the following feature comparison table of the two most similar services, MindMeister Pro and MindJetTM Web.
Recommended link:

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: Mindomo

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Web
Pricing: US$6/month, US$15/month, US$29/month
Import Mindmanager files: Yes

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: Mindview 4

Platforms: Windows, Mac
Pricing: US$249 (Mac), US$279 (Windows), US$379 (Business)
Free Trial: Yes
Import Mindmanager files: No

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: Novamind 5
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, IOS, Web (License is cross-platform)
Pricing: Perpetual license: US$227.49. Subscription: US$6.99/month, US$74.99/year
Import Mindmanager files:  Yes

What’s happening with NovaMind?  
The company that has been developing NovaMind is being shut down and the NovaMind products and intellectual property are being transferred to a company managed by a former employee of NovaMind, who plans in due course to take the software forward in new directions, building on the legacy of the desktop versions of NovaMind.
There will be a transition period from the old company to the new one, ending on the 26th of October 2016.
Additional info at Novamind website. 

Mindjet Manager Alternative: The Brain

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Pricing: US$15/month (annual billing), US$219 (perpetual desktop license)
Import Mindmanager files: Yes

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: xMind 7

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Portable
Features: Click here to see all XMind 7 features (forward to xmind site)
Pricing: Free, US$79, US$129, US$79 / year

Price update:  Pro version now only US$99.

Quote from site: 
Starting from XMind 2012, we offer XMind Pro/Plus lifetime license to accompany with XMind Pro subscription. You are free to choose between these two license modes. A lifetime license, once purchased, honors you unlimited time to use the current version of XMind Pro/Plus, but you have to pay for every major version upgrades. A subscription, on the other hand, offers only limited usage time (based on years) but you can always get the latest version. Beyond that, we offer decent discount of lifetime licenses for educational/nonprofit organizations, small teams and enterprises. 

Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: For those who want even more alternatives


Looking for text-based tools that may improve your thinking, brainstorming and writing processess? What do you know about Outlines and Markdown? Please consider visiting my blog OutlinerInfo.

A New (Good or Not ?) Option for Individual Consumers

From the Mindjet blog:

Over the past few weeks there’s been a great discussion about this change.  Through this discussion, our community has been vocal that Mindjet is both used in collaborative environments with  teams and by individuals. This individual use case is a hallmark of Mindjet.  Consistently we’ve seen Mindjet usage grow first from the individual and then to the team as their colleagues see the value of Mindjet.
Mindjet for Individuals includes our desktop versions for Windows and Mac, along with use of the Mindjet web app for personal file storage and task management.
Mindjet for Individuals License includes:
  • Fully functioning Mindjet for Windows and Mac desktop versions
  • Mindjet Web with personal file storage
  • Mindjet Tasks to help users manage personal items and “to do” lists
The price is $15 (USD) per month with a multi-year purchase option and is available in English, French and German.

A little bit of history

A little bit of history: 

In 2012, Mindjet announced a new pricing methodology, changing their sales model to a subscription-based one; it was clear to everyone that Mindjet was not looking anymore to their large customer base made of individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, students, non-profits, loyal users of Mindmanager.

The complains raised immediatelly as we can read in Mindjet's own discussion boards and in Chuck Frey's blog post (links at right); users were then looking for cheaper alternatives to Mindjet Mindmanager; luck of us that there are many good offerings in the marketing, all of them easy and free to try.

Hearing and acknowledging all these complaining loud voices, Mindjet then announced (May, 4th 2013) "The Next Generation of Mindmanager" with the motto "Now Get Mindjet MindManager for Both Windows + Mac at One Low Price". A clear shift on their strategy, realizing that Mindmanager is a more powerful brand than Mindjet and that they do depend on their loyal customer base.

Mindjet for Android
Mindjet for iOS

I’m pleased to share some exciting news with you.

You know Mindjet® as the company that has set the standard in mind mapping software. We’ve built our business with the goal of helping you generate ideas, collaborate with your colleagues, and get more work done along the way.

But this goal was being approached and arrived at independently. Last year we launched our Collaborative Work Management software, designed to close this gap by bridging ideas and execution. This combination of  products dramatically improved how people worked together, accomplished goals and managed their productivity.

Because of your feedback, we’ve been busy delivering products that extend our capabilities to mobile devices, on-premise solutions, and multiple platforms. While these extensions have succeeded in adding even more value, there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing.

You’ve told us that you want a simpler, more powerful, more available solution – and we’ve listened.

Today, everything we’ve worked on comes together. Moving forward, all of our products (Mindjet Connect, MindManager, and Mobile) are integrated into one offering, simply called Mindjet. The latest Mindjet is at one price, available on virtually every platform and device.

The new Mindjet also includes features such as advanced project budgeting and planning within maps, task syncing to our cloud as well as on-premise software, and custom workspace design to place favorite commands in a personal home tab. It’s the most powerful, useful, and accessible Mindjet to date.

What does this mean for your MindManager trial?Your MindManager trial will continue uninterrupted, though MindManager as a stand-alone product is no longer available for purchase.

I encourage you to sign up for a free trial of the new Mindjet offering, so you can experience the full extent of Mindjet’s capabilities. To upgrade or learn more about the new Mindjet offering, including our latest desktop version, click here.

Our company was founded on one idea. That idea was you. We create products so that you can build upon your best ideas to become more successful. Our goal has always been to deliver upon that promise.

To do this we need your continued support. Let us know how we are doing. Together we can build a great future with even more exciting news to come.

Scott Raskin