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Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: Mindmeister
Platforms: Web, iOS
Pricing: US$4.99/month, US$9.99/month, US$14.99/month
Import Mindmanager files: Yes

Quote from site: 

Probably known to most of our readers, MindjetTM is a provider of mind mapping desktop applications that has been around for many years and specialises in client software.
Recently the company has been moving into the online mapping space as well, and with this has switched its former pricing model to a new subscription based model, a move which has prompted many agitated responses.
Since the introduction of the new pricing model we’ve been receiving an exceptional amount of inquiries from MindJetTM‘s users looking for an alternative tool. Besides asking for pricing information, the users were interested in a functional comparison of the two products. We’ve therefore created the following feature comparison table of the two most similar services, MindMeister Pro and MindJetTM Web.
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