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Mindjet Mindmanager Alternative: ConceptDraw MindMap 8

Platforms: Windows, Mac
Pricing: US$199.00
Import Mindmanager files: Yes


  1. I have used the Mindmap-part of Conceptdraw office. It's working ok and I like the possibilities. My initial impression of the product was good and could use the mind map tool intuitively without any tutorials or training.

  2. I'm using Concept draw Office for project planning. I'm starting with a mindmap and then moving to a gantt chart. Also i can report and send task lists with mindmap. Nice all in one tool!

  3. Technically ConceptDraw is more powerfull and intuitive, plus the price is better. Integration with projects management and schematic visualization tool is verybig plus.
    Tool works with native Mindjet’s format (it can import/export *mmp, so I t won’t be a problem to collaborate wioth Mindjet users or convert old Mindjet files.