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A little bit of history

A little bit of history: 

In 2012, Mindjet announced a new pricing methodology, changing their sales model to a subscription-based one; it was clear to everyone that Mindjet was not looking anymore to their large customer base made of individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, students, non-profits, loyal users of Mindmanager.

The complains raised immediatelly as we can read in Mindjet's own discussion boards and in Chuck Frey's blog post (links at right); users were then looking for cheaper alternatives to Mindjet Mindmanager; luck of us that there are many good offerings in the marketing, all of them easy and free to try.

Hearing and acknowledging all these complaining loud voices, Mindjet then announced (May, 4th 2013) "The Next Generation of Mindmanager" with the motto "Now Get Mindjet MindManager for Both Windows + Mac at One Low Price". A clear shift on their strategy, realizing that Mindmanager is a more powerful brand than Mindjet and that they do depend on their loyal customer base.

Mindjet for Android
Mindjet for iOS

I’m pleased to share some exciting news with you.

You know Mindjet® as the company that has set the standard in mind mapping software. We’ve built our business with the goal of helping you generate ideas, collaborate with your colleagues, and get more work done along the way.

But this goal was being approached and arrived at independently. Last year we launched our Collaborative Work Management software, designed to close this gap by bridging ideas and execution. This combination of  products dramatically improved how people worked together, accomplished goals and managed their productivity.

Because of your feedback, we’ve been busy delivering products that extend our capabilities to mobile devices, on-premise solutions, and multiple platforms. While these extensions have succeeded in adding even more value, there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing.

You’ve told us that you want a simpler, more powerful, more available solution – and we’ve listened.

Today, everything we’ve worked on comes together. Moving forward, all of our products (Mindjet Connect, MindManager, and Mobile) are integrated into one offering, simply called Mindjet. The latest Mindjet is at one price, available on virtually every platform and device.

The new Mindjet also includes features such as advanced project budgeting and planning within maps, task syncing to our cloud as well as on-premise software, and custom workspace design to place favorite commands in a personal home tab. It’s the most powerful, useful, and accessible Mindjet to date.

What does this mean for your MindManager trial?Your MindManager trial will continue uninterrupted, though MindManager as a stand-alone product is no longer available for purchase.

I encourage you to sign up for a free trial of the new Mindjet offering, so you can experience the full extent of Mindjet’s capabilities. To upgrade or learn more about the new Mindjet offering, including our latest desktop version, click here.

Our company was founded on one idea. That idea was you. We create products so that you can build upon your best ideas to become more successful. Our goal has always been to deliver upon that promise.

To do this we need your continued support. Let us know how we are doing. Together we can build a great future with even more exciting news to come.

Scott Raskin

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